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COVID-19 Policy

When registering for  in-person classes, retreats, and other participation programs you will be asked to agree to the following:


I assure BillyYoga and Yoga Adventures that I don't have any contagious diseases and I have a document that shows that I'm negative of COVID-19. I understand that I will prevent myself from joining the class if I have a fever, difficulty breathing, cough, recent loss of taste or smell, or contact with any confirmed COVID-10 positive patients. I confirm that I am physically and psychologically fit to participate in this Yoga class/retreat. I understand that participating in this Yoga class includes risk and danger, injuries, COVID-19 infection, or death. I confirm that I will take full responsibility for the risks and make sure that I will not blame the organizers of the Yoga class. I confirm that Yoga class activities require physical strength and involve risks that can aggravate existing injuries. I understand that I should consult with my physician before joining this Yoga class. I release, waive, and indemnify BillyYoga/Yoga Adventures including the employees, officers, owners, from any accidents, injuries, damages, or death for participating in this Yoga class. I am at the legal age which is 18 years old or older and I am mentally capable of signing this waiver.

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